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Tycoon Energy, Inc. was formed in the first quarter of 2010, with a strategy to acquire, develop and exploit oil and natural gas reserves primarily in the Permian Basin in West Texas. The Company received its formation capital and subsequent equity infusions from Matt Nerbonne, the president and founder of Tycoon, with many valuable contacts within the industry and background providing a source of knowledge and resource for Tycoon.

All of the Tycoon Energy's assets are located in the Permian Basin, one of the most prolific and largest producing oil and gas regions in the United States.  Benefits of the Permian Basin include numerous producing zones ranging from 1,000 to 25,000 feet, fully developed infrastructure, and a large, mature group of oilfield service providers.  Reserves in the Permian Basin are generally characterized as long lived with shallow decline profiles.

Tycoon Energy's core strategy is to complete acquisitions of producing properties that contain large amounts of held-by-production acreage and quantifiable upside in non-producing and undeveloped proved reserves.  Generally, our targeted acquisitions have approximately 40% to 60% PDP and PUD reserves, which enables us to efficiently develop incremental proven reserves without undertaking a large undeveloped leasing effort.  Our company employs strict geologic principles with all capital projects in an effort to improve drilling results, and strives to be efficient for our diversified asset base.

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